General Conference GCSRW Legislation Update #4- GCSRW Petition Not Considered by General Conference and Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Women’s Ordination

by Jenn Meadows, Director of Communications

The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women’s (GCSRW) petition #60167, Prevention of the Use of Porn, was not considered by committee due to time constraints. The Church and Society 2 (CS2) Committee had many petitions to deliberate during their time together as a legislative committee and was not able to discuss this petition. Although this petition passed sub-committee, it was not brought before the full committee. This petition would have readopted Resolution #2082 – Prevention of the Use of Pornography in the Church – in The Book of Resolutions with no changes.

“Thankfully, the language that was in Resolution #2082 (petition 60167) was also in the new Social Principle adopted by this General Conference defining pornography and the harm pornography causes,” Becky Posey Williams, Senior Director of Education and Leader. “Therefore, even though we are disappointed it wasn’t voted on in CS2, we are grateful that the wording is in The Book of Discipline under the Social Principle.”

Today, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of full clergy rights to women and the 40th anniversary of the first clergywomen delegates elected to General Conference. We are incredibly grateful for the collaboration on this project with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) and the General Commission on Archives and History (GCAH). We thank Rev. Dr. HiRho Park, Bishop Debbie Wallace-Padgett and Bishop Minerva Carcano for being part of our on-stage presentation. We want to also extend our gratitude to Bishop Sharon Brown Christopher and Rev. Grace Imathiu for being interviewed and featured in this video celebration. We want to especially thank Daniel Scott of DScott Media for his work on this beautiful video production. Please celebrate with us by watching, downloading and sharing this video!

You can find a transcript of our full presentation here..

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