General Conference GCSRW Legislation Update #3- General Conference Adopts GCSRW Petition Regarding Membership

by Jenn Meadows, Director of Communications

Delegates to the 2016 General Conference adopted the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women’s (GCSRW) petition #60162 Membership from the Consent Calendar Saturday morning, May 14th.

GCSRW apologizes for the delay in reporting this information, it was an oversight. This Consent Calendar was presented before breaking into legislative committees on Saturday morning.

Petition #60162, Membership, was adopted 43 for, 1 against, 0 abstaining in the Independent Commissions Committee. It was placed on the Consent Calendar of Friday, May 13th ‘s edition of the Daily Christian Advocate (DCA) and adopted on the floor Saturday, May 14th morning. The adoption of this petition will amend 2104.1 b, c, h of The Book of Discipline, which defines the membership of the GCSRW board. This legislation modifies United Methodist Women’s representation on GCSRW’s board from being a voting board member to being a non-voting liaison who sits on GCSRW’s board. This not only maintains the historic working relationship between the two organizations, it also ensures that GCSRW’s board, with only 19 members, is able to commit specifically to GCSRW’s work. This amendment also avoids potential conflicts of interest and conforms to 710.5 and the Code of Ethics for general agencies.

“We are so happy to continue to clarify and reinforce the historic partnership we have established with United Methodist Women,” Senior Director of Education and Leadership Rev. Leigh Goodrich stated. “It is our great joy to work hand-in-hand with them for the empowerment of women.”

GCSRW would also like to lift up that today is Nan Self’s 86th birthday. Self was one of the first co-secretariats of The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women when it was established in 1972. Due to health reasons, this is Self’s first General Conference she’s missed since becoming secretariat. We want to extend birthday greetings to her on this special day.

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