DCA 7: Monitoring Report (Wednesday, May 18)

Now that we are in plenary, rather than legislative committees, we are led by our Bishops who are great presiding officers. All have been exceptional to this point, and we expect nothing less throughout the coming week. We do want to offer a bit of special appreciation to Bishop Stanovsky who reminded delegates, if they had already spoken, to consider letting other people speak. Thank you Bishop! We all know who those people are, but evidently they themselves do not. Keep those gentle reminders coming.

Up until now, the participation of men and women across the committees was fairly equal to the gender representation of the delegates overall. That is, women delegates make up just over a third of the delegates, and have been speaking about one third of the time, more in some committees, less in others. Notably though, during the Tuesday morning plenary, women made up only 22 percent of the speakers. So, while some might consider limiting their voices , others should consider the opposite.

Finally, as we have mentioned in earlier reports—and as we’ve now heard from visitors in the stands calling out—where are the women? The constant references to God, clergy and people as only male does not present the inclusive church that we claim to be and for which the Commission on the Status and Role of Women stands.


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