Transformational Worship

By M. Garlinda Burton

I wish every United Methodist around the world could be a part of General Conference worship — just once.

We can talk about our diversity, about our shared call to be the body of Christ, and about our desire to be a faithful reflection of the Gospel of the Saving Christ. But to hear 1,000 United Methodists from around the world simply sing a hymn together; to watch a sacred dance troupe flow like healing  balm through the plenary hall; to pause for just one moment and come in from our separate — even segregated — places and positions just to praise the God who is so good to us, reminds me what “moving on to perfection really means.” And God deserves at least that much praise.

I truly believe if the model of General Conference opening worship could be replicated in more congregations — not just the words and songs, but the visceral experience of seeing bishops process and hearing and singing “My hope is built” in 20 languages — that the church would be transformed.

And transforming the world would be a piece of cake.


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